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Artificial Intelligence demystified

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15 May From 7 p.m.
Sidewalk Café, Place du Tunnel 9
1005, Lausanne
From controlling your building thermostat, to designing new medicines - what are the capabilities of artificial intelligence? Join us to unlock the mysteries of AI and how it could change our world for the better.

The Principles of AI: How Do Machines Learn?

Antonio Sclocchi (Postdoctoral Researcher at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionize every aspect of our lives, from the smartphone assistants we converse with daily to the self-driving cars of the near future. But what exactly is AI, and how do machines 'learn'? Join us for a brief and engaging exploration of the principles of machine learning, the core component of AI. We'll demystify how machines process data to recognize patterns and create new content, such as images and words, and present some scientific puzzles researchers are trying to solve. This talk requires no technical background—just your curiosity and questions.

Fusing Neural Networks and prior knowledge for energy savings in buildings

Loris Di Natale (AI & control engineer at Zürich Soft Robotics GmBH)
Neural Networks (NNs) achieve impressive performance on a wide variety of tasks (ever heard of ChatGPT?) - but they can also fail spectacularly (ever heard of ChatGPT?). The same happens when NNs control the energy consumption of buildings: they have a great energy savings potential but might let you freeze inside because they decide to turn off the heating in the middle of the winter… In this talk, I’ll exemplify some pitfalls of NNs and a few solutions to overcome them using what we know about how buildings should work!

AI at the Helm: Pioneering a New Era in Drug Discovery

Simon Crouzet (PhD Student at EPFL)
Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionised life sciences, heralding a new era where AI takes the lead in navigating intricate molecular landscapes. From predictive modeling to virtual screening, AI-driven approaches are revolutionizing drug development, expediting the identification of promising candidates and reducing time and resource burdens. We will delve into the latest innovations in AI for drug discovery, highlighting its potential to streamline and expedite the drug development process, while stressing the remaining obstacles. By harnessing AI's capabilities, researchers are pioneering a new age for drug discovery, translating academic breakthroughs into real-world applications.
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