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CERN: the team peering within the atom

Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 6.30pm
Floky La Loutre, Rue de Carouge 44
1205, Geneva
CERN is one of the world's largest science projects with thousands of scientists, engineers and others from across the globe brought together to explore the mysteries of the universe. Its most famous piece of technology is the Large Hadron Collider- a 27km long ring buried under the French-Swiss border- with its HQ in Meyrin. Millions of tiny particles of matter are smashed together every second to answer fundamental questions about the rules of nature. You'll hear from people who perform some of the many essential roles required for the successful running of this multi-billion dollar machine.

CERN tech for society- from AI for autonomous driving to accelerators for cancer therapies!

Priyanka Dasgupta (Communication and Marketing Fellow, CERN)
Priyanka is a science communicator with a passion for bridging the gap between science and society. She currently works in CERN's Knowledge Transfer group alongside scientists and industrial experts to communicate how technologies in high-energy physics can have an impact on medical applications, environment, aerospace and more. Having worked for projects and institutes across India, London, Belgium, Netherlands, she has an international perspective and a first-hand experience on the importance of communicating and disseminating science in society…which is what she’ll be talking about!

Detector design and testing at CERN

Dr. Maarten van Dijk (Beamline Physicist, CERN)
CERN uses a large variety of detectors in the construction of its experiments. In this talk, I will start with a brief overview of the different design ideas that go into all the high energy experiments. The testing of all these detectors will be covered in the second half of my talk. The performance of each individual detector is critical, for this reason they are usually subject to a so-called "testbeam". There we put the device in a carefully created and controlled particle beam to test its performance, in one of our secondary beamlines generated with the protons from the PS or the SPS.

The LHC Machine and big experiments at CERN

Dr Oscar Gonzalez-Lopez (Staff Researcher at CIEMAT (Madrid, Spain))
I will talk about the way the LHC, the biggest particle collider in the World, is able to provide the most energetic collisions ever achieved by humans described the basics behind its functioning. I will also cover the scientific interest of such class of collisions and how the big experiments at CERN are built and operated to achieve their goal by studying them.

What is theoretical particle physics?

Prof. Tim Cohen (Staff scientist/Physics professor, CERN/EPFL)
I will discuss the modern view of fundamental physics, which underlies the so-calledStandard Model of Particle Physics. Bringing together two of the most radical frameworksof the 20th century (relativity and quantum mechanics) leads to a picture that all of physicsto the interactions of fundamental particles. I will explain these ideas and how they arebeing tested at CERN's Large Hadron Collider
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