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Color, Language and Sport: Exploring the spectrum of social-well being

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Past event - 2024
13 May From 7 p.m.
free entry (subject to availability)
Qwertz, Rue de la Grotte 3
1003, Lausanne
Social interactions shape our well-being every day. Join us as we explore the connections between colors and emotions, languages and social media, sports and gender

Can colours influence our emotions?

Domicele Jonauskaite (SNSF Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Psychology, University of Lausanne)
Feeling blue or seeing red? Many believe that colours carry emotional meanings. Some even claim they can impact us psychologically and emotionally. Before we spend our hard-earned money on the “best “colours that help us relax or be more productive, let’s look at the scientific evidence behind colour-emotion correspondences. Over the last decade, I have studied these correspondences in over 15'000 participants, 73 countries, from the youngest to the oldest, with and without visual impairments, finding consistent links between colours and emotions. However, does this mean that colours can change how we feel?

Digital Lexicon: How Social Media Affects Language

Sarah Saneei (PhD student at University of Geneva and the NCCR Evolving Language)
In our rapidly changing world, technology is reshaping how we communicate. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram introduce new words and change the meaning of existing ones, leading to unique language mixes, especially for non-English users. By studying this digital revolution, we can understand how languages mix during everyday communication and how technology influences language development. Using examples from Persian, we demonstrates how studying social media data can help us understanding how language evolves. (The photo is generated by MidJourney v.6)

Faster, Higher, Stronger... safer? Fighting against gender-based violence in sport.

Carole Gomez (PhD Candidate in sociology of sport at Institute of Sports Sciences of the University of Lausanne)
For decades, the world of sports has been plagued by scandals involving doping, match-fixing, and corruption that dominated the headlines. Now, it finds itself under intense scrutiny once again with the emergence of revelations concerning assault and harassment. Previously suppressed or ignored, these alarming incidents are prompting a reevaluation of the safety and integrity within the sporting world.
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