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Connecting Worlds

13 May Entry from 7 p.m.
Start at 7.30 p.m.
Obolles, Bollwerk 35
3011, Bern
Experience an enriching evening with captivating talks on evolution, comets, and weather forecasts.

How Water Warps the Brain

Ben Sulser (Postdoctoral Fellow at Universität Bern - Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IEE))
I am a biologist studying the evolution of morphology and sensory anatomy, and I'll share my work studying the evolution of the senses from fish to mammals at the University of Bern

Bern Meets Comets

Martin Rubin (PD Dr. at University of Bern)
Comets are among the most pristine objects accessible to space exploration. Studying the materials they are composed of reveals crucial information about the formation of our solar system. The University of Bern has been and continues to be involved in several comet missions. Key payload instruments include mass spectrometers used to measure the composition of the ices sublimating from the comet’s nucleus. In my presentation, I will delve into these topics and discuss some of the main findings.

Sunshine or snowflakes? Statistical forecasts of the weather

Sam Allen (Postdoc at ETH Zürich)
“The forecast said it wasn’t going to rain!” We rely heavily on weather forecasts when organising our lives, and bad weather forecasts can lead to bad weekends. It is therefore important that operational weather centres issue accurate and reliable forecasts. But how are these forecasts made? Are they any good? And what does the shaded region around the MeteoSwiss temperature forecasts actually mean? This talk will explain how weather forecasts are generated, discuss challenges for operational weather centres, and illustrate the importance of statistical methods to issue forecasts that are probabilistic.
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