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Please note the event will take place in the interior of the bar
Past event - 2022
11 May Free Entrance
Volta Bräu, Voltastrasse 30,
Basel 4056
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Welcome to Volta Bräu  for the 3rd and final day of Pint of Science in Basel 


19:45-20:15 Talk of Janina Larissa Bühler "The ups and downs of relationship satisfaction across the life span"

20:15-20:45 Talk of Salome Kurth "A dream team: sleep and bacteria of the digestive tract"

20:45-21:15 Talk of Mariela Elena Jaffé "What is diversity and when do we choose it?"

21:15- 21:35 Quiz for the audience & Closing of the night

Closing of the festival stay with us for a pint of beer with the speakers and the team. 

For any question please do not hesitate to contact us: pintofscience...

The ups and downs of relationship satisfaction across the life span

Dr Janina Larissa Bühler (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
For most people, relationship satisfaction is not stable over time. Their satisfaction may change temporarily but it may also change over a longer period of time. However, little was known about the typical, normative trajectory of relationship satisfaction, both depending on age and relationship duration. To address this, our team conducted a meta-analysis, using data from over 160,000 people. The findings reveal people are least satisfied in their relationship at the age of 40 and after 10 years. however, the low points were only temporarily, and relationship satisfaction increased again.

A dream team: sleep and bacteria of the digestive tract

Dr Salome Kurth (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Fribourg)
Sleep is crucial to human health. Only a rested brain guides us through the uncountable decisions of a regular day. Sleep is a behavior and at the same time also an exceptional brain state that can be observed in small local brain units. Fascinating research has discovered that bacteria in our digestive system take part in directing our brain and behavior; and bacteria inhabiting our gut also influence our sleep. This presentation will focus on the research of sleep and gut bacteria in the period of early childhood.

What is diversity and when do we choose it?

Dr Mariela Elena Jaffé (Senior Adjunct Researcher and Lecturer, Department of Psycology, University of Basel)
What are we talking about when we talk about diversity? How do we feel about the differences between us? How does the diversity of a group impact the way we think and how we act? And last but not least: When do we choose to be with people who are different to us rather than more similar? In this talk, we will look at these questions and discuss psychological research illustrating the impact that differences have on us. We will further consider how diversity choices may shift depending on situations, tasks, mindsets, and individual beliefs.

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