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Energy of the Future

Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7-11pm
Bianco Bar Cocktails, Rue de Carouge 64,
Geneva 1205
Sold Out!
Come discover the magic world of energy from the basics of quantum mechanics, new batteries and how we can transition towards renewable energies. Don't miss our speakers, quiz and magic show!

Can one touch quantum mechanics?

Quantum mechanics seems like one very exotic piece of science, that can only exist in the depth of a physics laboratory and under extreme and unusual conditions. I will show, using no equations, that this image is completely wrong, and that each one of us is dealing, without necessarily knowing it, on an every day’s basis with quantum mechanics. I will show how this piece of fundamental science has already profoundly changed our lives, and has a great potential to do it even more in the future.

A “solid” future for batteries: beyond conventional materials for energy storage

Dr Fabrizio Murgia (PostDoc at University of Geneva)
To truly harness the power of renewable energies we must be able to store it and deliver it when needed. Nowadays we rely on standard Li-ion batteries but the scientific community knows that Li-ion batteries cannot sustain the future of energy, what can we do? Dr. Fabrizio Murgia will present a new alternative based on sodium, one of the chemicals of the table salt, and discuss challenges and the possible solutions in the turn toward greener and safer energy storage.

Computer models for the energy transition

Prof Evelina Trutnevyte (Associate Professor in Renewable Energy Systems)
“I would love my phone to have an app to make espresso!” Why don’t we have one to save the planet instead? Old habits die hard and transitioning from a hard coal-based energy used since more than a century to a more environmentally friendly green energy is not an easy task. Prof Evelina will have a talk on how computer models can help us and support human kind in energy transition both in Switzerland and elsewhere.

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