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Faster, Better, Stronger: the future of AI and robotics

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Past event - 2023
22 May event starts at 7:00 p.m
Sidewalk Café, Place du Tunnel 9
1005, Lausanne
From electronics and engineering to artificial intelligence, new technologies are spreading in today society. What is the next step and how could it change our lives? Join us to discover the science between ChatGPT and how machine learning and robotics can change the game when it comes to medicine!

ChatGPT Revealed: The Science Behind the Magic

Matteo Togninalli (Co-Founder and COO, Visium)
Let's discover how Large Language Models (LLMs) power modern AI tools together. We'll cover the science behind these models, how ChatGPT specifically was trained, what are the pitfalls to keep in mind, and where the field is headed.

Genomics data science: between challenges and fascination

Elia Magrinelli (Senior Bioinformatician)
The presentation will briefly introduce SOPHiA GENETICS and the topics of data science in genomic sequencing. There will be a practical example of what questions can we answer with sequencing in healthcare and how machine learning helped to solve this one of these questions in the HRD product of SOPHiA GENETICS

Wearable robots to support after motor disabilities

Luca Randazzo (Emovocare CEO )
I'll provide an overview of Emovo's R&D and commercial efforts to develop a robotic hand exoskeleton to support therapy while living.
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