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Humans vs. Computers

IG: @nordenbar
15 May From 7 p.m to 9 p.m
Norden Bar, Ankerstrasse 123
8004, Zürich
Our scientists will probe the ethical fusion of data humanism and feminism in recommender systems, then dive into the evolving role of teachers in the AI era. Discover how these discussions shape the future of tech and education.

In a world of AI be human: how can we make recommender system more humane?

Ibrahim Al Hazwani (PhD Student at University of Zurich)
Ever wondered how to infuse data with empathy and algorithms with ethics? Join me in exploring the fascinating fusion of data humanism and feminism within explainable recommender systems. Let's embark on a journey towards fair, transparent, and user-centered recommendations.

AI in the Classroom - A New Era in Education?

Judit Martinez Moreno (PhD candidate at Zurich University of Teacher Education)
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) enters the classroom, a re-evaluation of the role of the teacher is necessary. This change requires a balance, harnessing what both educators and technology offer to the learning process. Teacher education programmes play a crucial role in equipping educators to effectively navigate this new landscape. However, there are several factors that influence this process, such as the perceptions, beliefs and motivations of student teachers. In this talk we will explore the challenges posed by AI entering the classroom and discuss whether it marks the dawn of a new era in education.
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