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Innovations in Chemistry: Harnessing Light, Enzymes, and Radicals

Saal, Galerie und Bar sind rollstuhlgängig, hingegen sind der Haupteingang und die Toiletten leider nicht rollstuhlgängig und nur über eine steile Treppe zugänglich
Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7.00-10.00pm
ONO, Kramgasse 6
3011, Bern
Event in English

Free Radicals: Are they really that Bad?

Dr Fabrice Dénès (Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bern)
Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body, a process potentially leading to cell and tissue damage, causing aging and illness. A plethora of adverts sell the beneficial effect of antioxidants to fight against these free radicals. But are they really that bad and cannot we do anything useful with them? Understanding free radicals requires a basic knowledge of chemistry. The reactivity of these unpopular species will be discussed from the perspective of an organic chemist, as well as their use in organic synthesis.

Journey through Time in the Powers of Ten: Light-Matter Interactions and What they Reveal about Material Properties

Kaila Yallum (PhD student, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacy, University of Bern)
The first portion of the talk will get the listeners familiar with scientific notation and thinking of time in seconds. I will briefly discuss why materials science is very important and its impacts on our way of life, and I will introduce organic semiconductors, their potential applications, and their working principles. The second portion moves into describing light interactions with matter, an intuitive example of how we use these interactions to gather information about a material.

The magic powder of eco-friendly chemistry

Dr David Padrosa (Co-founder and CEO of inSEIT AG)
We are in the middle of a green revolution, and the chemical industry seems to still be one step behind. But that shouldn’t be the case!
We have the ‘magic powder’ to make them be ahead, to have a more sustainable and green chemical industry and allow for a more sustainable production. This ‘magic powder’ are immobilized biocatalysts. And don’t be scared about this fancy terms: the science behind is simple – take the tools that nature provides to us to accelerate chemical reactions and make it suitable for their industrial use.
It is time for a change – we need to immobilize to go forward!
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