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Inside and outside Earth

Please note the event will take place in the interior of the bar
Past event - 2023
23 May 6:00-9:30
Volta Bräu, Voltastrasse 30
4056, Basel

Why astronomers get high when they search for Alien Worlds (6.30-7pm)

Dr. Daniel Angerhausen (Senior Scientist, ETH Zürich)
Daniel will be talking about the reasons astronomers always build their telescopes on top of mountains, as space telescopes outside of Earth’s atmosphere or even on airplanes as flying observatories. He will explain how he “is getting high” himself to chase Alien Worlds – planets outside our solar system – and how he measures their atmospheric composition. Finally Dr. Angerhausen will show how our generation is the first in history that has a realistic chance to answer the millennia old question: “Are we alone in the Universe?”

The Stars in Your Beer (7-7.30pm) (TALK CANCELLED)

PD Dr. Thomas Rauscher (Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Physics, University of Basel)
The stars in the sky not only look pretty but also have a connection to the beer you are enjoying. The contents of a pint of beer (water, alcohol, tasty ingredients) are made up of chemical elements like Carbon and Oxygen and many others. All of these were created in stars which have existed billions of years ago. In this presentation a brief overview is given of how this happened and how science uncovers the details of the underlying processes.

Exploiting data to maximize the safe life of our buildings (7.45-8.15pm)

Dr. Panagiotis Martakis (Founder, CEO, irmos technologies)
Our buildings are not designed to live forever and actually every second building in Europe reached its expiration date. At the same time the increasing frequency of natural disasters is of significant risk to our infrastructure and society. We cannot afford replacing all obsolete assets and thus we need to exploit every byte of data to make most out of our buildings. Structural health monitoring helps to translate ambient vibrations due to wind or traffic into structural condition metrics. Essentially, we put our structures in the intensive care and so we maximize their safe operational life!
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