Past event - 2023
24 May From 18pm onwards
The Lion Pub, Oetenbachgasse 6
8001, Zürich

Origin and Prevalence of Life

Prof Dr. Cara Magnabosco (Speaker)
What is life? Is there life on other planets? How are scientists investigating the origin and prevalence of life? This presentation will approach these questions through a tour across space and time. We look forward to seeing you there!

Better call the bacteria!: the surprising ability of microbes to evolve what humans need

Justus Wilhelm Fink (Ph.D. candidate, ETH Zurich)
We humans share this planet with tiny microbes, and it turns out that they are the big players. In this talk I will show in numbers how microbial activity gives us good digestion and clean drinking water in ways that we do not fully understand. As humans struggle to minimize their footprint in the ecosystems, microbes have already found a way to close the cycle and make this planet more sustainable. Say hi to these bacteria and their futuristic technology, powered by evolution and brought to you by nature itself.
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