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Pint of Science ØYA Bar Kafé Klub 24.05.2023

Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 6pm
Event 6.30-9pm
ØYA Bar Kafé Klub, Schwertgasse 27
9000, St. Gallen

Behind the scenes of pregnancy

Dr Thomas Rduch (Senior physician-specialist in obstetric and gynecology KSSG, St.Gallen)
Manon Murdeu (PhD student, Empa )
Have you ever thought about the fact that the story of the bee and the flower your parents were telling you is probably not true? Join us for a journey in the backstage of pregnancy and infertility from in vitro fertilization, to endometriosis studies passing through preeclampsia, ending with the miracle of birth and placenta research. Laboratory and surgery room meet for a talk about what your parents never told you before: what is happening behind the scenes.

Can plasma technology help us to fight climate change?

Dr Paula Navascues (Postdoc, Empa)
Greenhouse gases elimination, the development of an alternative chemical industry, the clean of contaminated water or looking for alternative energy sources. These are a few of the challenges we are facing as humanity in terms of the climate situation of our planet. In this regard, can the plasma technology help us to fight the situation?

Wie wird das Wetter (besser) vorhergesagt?

Dominik Brändle (Disciple)
Eager Tom (Technology Evangelist )
Das Wetter ist ein kompliziertes Phänomen, das die menschliche Gesellschaft in vielfältiger Weise herausfordert. Wodurch wird es verursacht? Wie können wir es vorhersagen? und wie können wir unsere Vorhersagen verbessern?
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