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Remember! How pints and laughter influence our memory?

Past event - 2023
23 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm-10pm
Floky La Loutre, Rue de Carouge 44
1205, Geneva
Do you remember this sunny day when you went to swim in the sea as a child? How do you feel when you remember it and why? How can you keep your memory for as long and as intact as possible? In this event top leading researchers in the area of memory will tell you about this fascinating and beautiful function of our brain – memory.

Emotions and memory

Prof. Ulrike Rimmele (Professor, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Geneva)
Can you remember receiving your high school diploma, your first kiss?
Very likely you are not only able to remember these emotional events, but you also picture them very vividly in your mind.
Emotions have a profound impact on what we keep in mind and make us re-experience events vividly in our memory. Why is this the case? Please come to learn more about how memory and emotions are entangled from a leading expert in the field.

Commet le sommeil et l’exercice physique favorisent la mémoire ?

Dr. Kinga Igloi (Senior Researcher, University of Geneva)
Comment les nouveaux souvenirs sont-ils créés et pourquoi certains événements sont-ils oubliés ? Quel est le rôle du sommeil dans la consolidation de la mémoire et dans la sélection des souvenirs qui seront consolidés en priorité ? Nous savons tous que l'exercice physique est bon pour la santé, mais quelle est l'influence de l'exercice physique sur les processus de mémorisation ? Existe-t-il un moyen d'optimiser notre mémoire ? Tout cela, vous pouvez l'apprendre de l'un des plus grands experts dans ce domaine.
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