Past event - 2023
23 May From 18pm onward
BQM, Leonhardstrasse 34
8092, Zürich

Editing lives with CRISPR

Sumejja Zuković (Master Student, University of Zurich)
DNA carries the genetic code required to develop and maintain a functioning organism; the code for life itself. Changes in our DNA can have drastic consequences, such as the development of genetic diseases or increased susceptibility to cancer. What if we could simply reverse these changes and restore the DNA to its original healthy state? CRISPR brings us one step closer to this revolutionizing vision.The powerful gene-editing tool is able to cut out defective gene sequences and insert healthy ones. However, the application of CRISPR in humans comes with several ethical questions and concern.

DNA Nanotechnology

Mathias Centola (Wissenschaftlicher Mittarbeiter, Universität Bonn)
DNA is known to carry genetic information inside our cells and those of all living organisms, but DNA can be used to do much more than that. The field of DNA nanotechnology exploits the intrinsic chemical properties of DNA to be used as building material to design synthetic nanostructures that are able to self-assemble. These nanostructures are smaller than a typical eucaryotic cell and can be designed to carry out different tasks autonomously or in response to specific triggers. This relatively young field has the potential to create nanoscopic devices with highly diverse functionalities.
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