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The Human Condition

IG: @alehousezh
15 May From 7 p.m to 9 p.m
Alehouse, Universitätstrasse 23
8006, Zürich
Discover the cultural parallels between chimpanzee behavioral variation and human societies and unravel the fascinating interplay between social interactions, life experiences, and our genetic blueprint. Join us for insights into evolving social genomics, offering new perspectives on the human experience and reflecting on the profound role of our social world in shaping our lives.

Chimpanzee culture and conservation

Jake Funkhouser (Postdoctoral Scholar at Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Zurich and Washington University in St. Louis)
The behavioural variation of our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, is much akin to the cultural variation in human societies. Together, in this talk, we will explore the evolution, development, behaviour, and conservation of chimpanzees and their culture across the Congo Basin.

Genomic Conversations: The Subtle Social Influence on Our Blueprint

Jens Heumann (PhD student at University of Zurich, Jacob Center of Productive Youth Development, Social Genomics)
In this talk, we will explore an intriguing phenomenon: the way our social interactions and life experiences can actually change the way our genes work. Using examples from research and the real world, we illustrate the close conversation between environment and our genetic blueprint, affecting our health and happiness. Understanding the more dynamic mechanisms than previously thought sheds new light on inequality but also on potential misuse of personal data. Evolving social genomics opens up new perspectives on the human experience and invites us to think more deeply about the role that our social world plays in our lives.
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