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Walking towards sustainability

IG: @nordenbar
14 May From 7 p.m to 9 p.m
Norden Bar, Ankerstrasse 123
8004, Zürich
Our planet is asking for help and scientists are trying to understand how to be more sustainable and if it makes sense at all. Our speakers will share their grown breaking research on this field.

Resilience, from hype to real-world impact

Camille Fournier (PhD Student at ETH Zurich)
This talk will tell a story that relates to my scientific journey around the issues of resilience. I'll introduce the concept of resilience as we use it in ecology, and discuss how that relates to a broader societal resilience (or sustainability). Finally, I want to open a discussion about the place of climate and environmental scientists in society.

The Conundrum of Plastic Recycling: between Myth and Reality

Alberto Arcà (Doctoral Candidate at ETH Zürich - DMTEC - SusTec Group)
Challenges and opportunities of plastic recycling on a general level, with some more specific details regarding the automotive sector. Furthermore, I want to deep-dive on established and emerging recycling technologies, showing the key role of value-chain and systems of waste management.
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