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Mind, Matter and Motion

IG: @_im_sein_
14 May From 7 p.m to 9 p.m
Sein, Hohlstrasse 355
8004, Zürich
Embark on an exploration of the powerful synergy between AI and neuroengineering, uncovering the complexities of the nervous system and pioneering AI-driven neurostimulation.

Bridging Minds and Machines: AI in the field of Neuroengineering

Noemi Gozzi (PhD at ETH Zurich - NeuroEngineering Lab)
Neuroengineering is an exciting field that's getting a lot of attention, especially with companies like Neuralink pushing the boundaries. But there's a lot we still have to work on. We're just scratching the surface when it comes to understanding and interacting with the nervous system and the brain. This is where AI comes in. AI can help us make sense of complex physiological data, monitor over time chronic diseases with biomarkers, and even enhance the way we stimulate the nervous system for better outcomes.

Reducing Pain and Restoring touch in diabetic neuropathy through AI-driven neurostimulation

Greta Preatoni (CEO & Co-founder at MYNERVA)
MYNERVA has developed an innovative device to artificially restore the sense of touch and decrease pain in patients living with diabetic neuropathy.
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