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Pint of Science Brüw 23.05.2023

Past event - 2023
23 May Doors 6pm
Event 6.30-9pm
Brüw, Torstrasse 25
9000, St. Gallen

Big Tech Merger Control

Jennifer Pullen (PhD Researcher, University of St.Gallen)
The antitrust and competition law community is in the midst of a lively debate regarding the regulation of mergers involving Big Tech companies. My research aims to be a part of this discussion by analysing whether merger control is fit for the age of Big Tech. Two questions arise: What is so bad about Big Tech acquisitions, and is there a need for an updated Big Tech merger control?

Krebs-Bestrahlung: Amplifikation durch Nanopartikel

Dr Lukas Gerken (PostDoctoral Fellow, Empa)
Nanopartikel die den Weg in den Tumor finden können genutzt werden um die Bestrahlungstherapie wirksamer zu machen. Auf welche Weise können Nanopartikel die Strahlungstherapie amplifizieren, und wo befinden sich die Partikel in einer Krebszelle? Meine Forschung und die Presentation beschäftigt sich mit solchen Fragen.

Human organoids: when science fiction meets reality

Dr Vanesa Ayala-Nunez (Scientist, Empa)
Just like in any science fiction movie, nowadays it is possible to grow miniature versions of human organs in a laboratory. These artificial mini-organs are called organoids, and are an extremely useful tool in biomedical research. How mini are they? Organoids are in the range of 0.5-1 mm (like a mustard seed). Which mini-organs can be produced? Mini-hearts, mini-brains, mini-livers, mini-lungs, and many others. What are they used for? Organoids are used to study human diseases, to develop new medicines, and to understand ourselves.
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